Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 10 Albums of 2008: #3

#3 Foals – Antidotes
The Foals are a group from Oxford England that take the sounds of American No-Wave and The Rough Trade sounds of England in the late 70’s and brings them to the contemporary with an originality that makes them far less dull than it may sound. On their debut album Antidotes there are familiar sounds yet fresh material. Not unlike its post-punk predecessors the guitar chimes instead of blares and takes on the role of a more beautiful/less kitschy steel drum. The drummer favors his high-hat in 16/4 time and a snare drum that resonates a metallic taste. The songs build a big hollow factory with paper thin windows that don’t allow for the steely noise to pitch too sharply. But like a factory you feel like if you have seen one that you have seen them all. Antidotes can sometimes feel redundant because of its distinct yet repetitive styles. The reprise comes with the melodies of the singer. In the songs Balloons and Cassius the vocal performance gives the album exciting and jagged shapes that are not present in the instrumentation (except maybe the saxophone parts, which are the best bits of saxophone that have been in a rock n roll song since James Chance and the Contortions.)


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