Sunday, April 11, 2010

Loose Song Ideas (Pills and Crowns Will Bring Us Down)

That machine couldn’t stand or understand my love for you
Getting in first place was always useless
If you’ve no scars to show, no harbored bruise

Our minds inside us are our fate
So we are given the patience to wait
For that thing called will
Leave out all those pills
We make it up that hill

While the ones who won’t wait are going in for the kill
But we don’t seek that thrill, we don’t seek the crown
Our hands kept clean from blood though our hands may be down

our hands are down but
Our hands are clean and
we come out of the woods to follow brighter gleams
Not the dull and crowded shamble hooks
Reflection from the light of a spook

We have to write the words to say
If we can’t think of words to say
We say the words to say
If our problems become non problems too fast
We forget forget how we got here in the first place

If we divide
Who makes our minds
Up and down
A subtle clown
Could have you laughing
If he does it right

To teach is a thing of beauty
And To learn if you wanna learn
If you don’t it’s okay
But get out of our way
And don’t try to bring us down

If we get the better part of the deal
We will share it

But please don’t deny trying a first new meal
If you can bear it.

The only thing worse than forgetting how we got here in the clear for now
Is not knowing or caring cause this life is worth sharing

We got ourselves a rocket ship
That we didn’t get by knowing it
You want to do it again
Sharing a strange mind
It bought us some time

And we’re all going the same way

Don’t force it down
Our souls are lost and quickly found
Don’t make it bad by turning around
We can make it in steps
Or we can do it in bounds
But the worst you could do is to crave a crown