Wednesday, June 9, 2010

John Locke: Stages

It started with a ball point pen drawing. I scanned that and used GIMP to burn and dodge the contrast back into it. then I gave it a coat of semi translucent paint and then I added more shadows and highlight. Anyway, This is my tribute to John Locke and the actor who plays him, Terry O'Quinn. LOST was a game changer and a life changer, as lame as it may seem.

Molly Ultra Covers The Kills

The Kills provide endless amounts of inspiration to me. They are one of the greatest things to ever happen. This is my tribute to them; a recorded cover version of Gypsy Death and You from Keep On You Mean Side.

Here is a slide show of photos that I have taken at the Kills live shows over the years.Some of the images are stills from video, too. The focus is on Jamie mostly.

And here is video taken by me 2 years ago at The El Rey theatre in Los Angeles. They are performing a Captain Beefheart cover called Drop Out Boogie