Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love Song for the Illusive Stranger (love of my life, life of the moment)

You are a man
You are not a silly thing
A man of non- fiction and action
If you feel I’m sane then you can believe in you by my attraction
If a man is measured by what he does
Then you have it marked
If a man is what you can see in him by standing back and looking through him
You have it
No one can call you anything but a king
You’re honesty may not be words
You are honest when you sing
Truthfully letting the sound come down
Leaving only passion and a gleam
I’ve never caught you looking at the camera
But you always look so good
In pictures you are standing strong
And pure as pure light shines through you
From pure electricity to pure electric sensation
Electric is the word sounding out your wail
Lights lights electric fire in your hair
Modern you man
You don’t want to go back to blues
But you’ll island hop in your modern shoes
Leave the explorers to search for the past
Back and backward
But you my matador push past the landlord
You go east and west and to some place now
And with others lusting forward
Now comes the truth the revelation I am embarrassed
I don’t know you and I love you
You are a man
And while other men are men as well
I claim you as my pick
Please don’t ask how I can tell
When has love ever been too quick?
If I were deciding I would send in the saints
When ever has love come in too quick
In a business meeting of monied men
When has it come too quick?
In a scary house of the struggle for control
When has love beat a beating's punch to the punch too quick?
Love at first sight is not about seeing
But vision over visibility
A vision of pure electric beauty comes and lasts for a second
You know it’s ephemeral, you are the art maker
Give yourself to me and I will never betray that risk, I will be your defender