Wednesday, February 17, 2010


haven't felt this down in a while.
If i had to act out a lie it would be a smile.
Don't steal my blank expression as a device.
don't think I won't notice just because I am tired.
I can feel the way you're leading me on but that's just one day.
it all depends on how you feel at the time cause now your treating me bad and my ego is at bay.
I listen to you too well as I listen to you too often.
I pray to God and now my hard shell is begining to soften.
and all you've got is hurt to give off in a lonely hour.
It penetrates this chain mail that used to spit thing out when they got too sour

And then there is you, do you remember I used to call you a friend.
You've only put me out of you're mind but mine is a life that has no end.
I'm thanking you as you're betraying me
cause when else have I best used this voice to sing
I leave some trail marks to a house
If I was sure where it was I would let it out
but who's reminding me to leave
everyone need to be reminded these things

I have stayed to long and the seasons have come, they have gone

Thinking too grand
Filing thoughts across the sand
not counting on the wind yet we feel it on our young faces everyday
with only occasional rain to wash the dirt away

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Horrors - Primary Colours

Written in the Summer of 2009
Life Lessons: Never write anything off... even if you've given it multiple chances. Primary Colours by The Horrors is spectacular! I saw The Horrors 3 times this year, supporting The Kills, and they never made me feel anything too special. The first time was horrendous (no pun). At Coachella Ferris and company were pissed that they were on at the same time as MBV and sulked their way through a set that ended 20 minutes early. The second time was better but still lacked any potential to set my belly a'blaze. By the 3rd night, it was groovy and Ferris wasn't treating the crowd like a bunch of nob-headed American's that refused to worship him like an English crowd would do. Maybe I was blind in eager anticipation for the moment The Kills would grace the stage but I figured by the end of the 3rd time seeing them that they would never figure into my life significantly, or even, much less, my record rotation calendar.

Finally though, at the end of the summer, I listened to my copy of Primary Colours (just today in fact) and I immediately began to feel regret for not having uncovered it until after having seen them 3 times. Yeah, the record may sound a lot like Echo and the Bunnymen, but it is charming creep of a record and The Horrors have managed to grow beyond the pigeon-holds of making it too huge too fast (A monster problem that peers and predecessors would not be so fortunate to defeat), I don't even think any of The Horrors have a heroin addiction or anything. I’ve received the fire that I had been pinning for. Glorious. (Maybe I'll write a full review later)

Anyway; the moral of the story is, fine folks, that making up your mind too stubbornly can only lead to embarrassment and pain and in some cases denial... if, in fact, you want to save-face from aforementioned embarrassment. Therefore, I heed you: Be flexible, be happy, don’t give bad advice about music to friends because you are not smart enough to realize that you don’t know everything, “don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge Lethal Weapon by Danny Glover” and pick up a copy of Primary Colours.