Sunday, November 25, 2007

(1) This could be fun...

The name of this blog is Remote Control Eyes. I am, who no-one-in-particular calls, Molly Ultra. Although TV is great (I'm sure I'll be watching some later on) it has been brought to my attention that what we once revered to be the holy media, unattainable to be tampered with by the masses, is now at each of our finger tips. Punk ethos #1: Do It Yourself. Stop waiting for something good to come on the telly, the radio, in the movies: I will begin... A BLOG!... what?!?! Who the fuck cares?

As Ian McKay once wisely said: "It's in my eyes." I guess I myself have been waitng for a tv-snow-glowing saviour to grace us with something meaningful and transcendant. I have even been waiting for a real L.A. music scene reminescent of 1977 to come out of the metro-bus-on-the-101-freeway dust.

won't happen

Alas, "Let us not waste our time!" they will say "Let us have the American... nay! the L.A. dream NOW." Start with the hairspray, the awefully expensive cookie-cutter clothes, and my picture in Nylon! "Blah blah blah" and "glugg glugg glugg" the scene is dead!

Let us re-invent ourselves!

There will be no Flipside, Backdoor Man or Sniffin Glue XEROXed and stapled together by the corners, ready for you to pick up @ your local record store. I must stop living in the past! Much easier than that now... however supersaturated it may be. In the 60's it was the Beatles and the Stones! In 1977 it was the endless array of groups that they called "punk". Now, more than ever, it is not one single band or even a single movement's job to shake things up! Everyone is a pop star.Why not be a little more responsible with it?

A little originality! Is that too much to ask for? From myself or anyone else.

No one will ever read this... thank God too, cause it makes no scense. It is best this way. this is mostly for my own vanity... To pep up and make purrrr my own ego. Youth culture today is nearly un-recordable. Reports say that what kids are into today is "the myspace and the facebook, all that internet stuff." But what it is being used for will be lost in the ether. Many ideas spewn and just as quickly do they keep flowing until forgotten. It is the first time that the world has really felt claustraphobically overpopulated. It's glorious, isn't it?

oh, the Simpsons is on!

following this post should be an Utterz post that will play a song that I wrote with my group Remote Control Eyes.

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